woman in mazeAre you feeling mentally stressed or anxious about your current situation?
Do you lack self-confidence and are unsure how to move forward?
Having issues with your relationship? Dealing with grief and loss?

Then counselling may be for you!

Counselling is a therapeutic process that uses an interpersonal relationship between a client and counsellor to provide an understanding of life events and make appropriate changes to cope with the changes.

A counsellor can help you resolve challenging behaviours, appreciate why you have certain beliefs, learn how to deal with complicated feelings and understand related physical symptoms.

At Positive Goals & Solutions, we adopt an outcome-solution focused approach to help you understand and find solutions to your stress and anxiety, grief and loss, develop your self-confidence, improve your relationships,  and learn conflict resolution skills.

We will help you work through your concerns and assist you to create realistic solutions that will get your life back on track.

PG&S is committed to helping you find solutions to your personal situations. Contact PG&S today.