Career Development Service
Are you an employee, business owner or manager who suddenly finds it necessary to reinvent your career due to the economy, a lay off or going out of business?
Or, do these uncertain times simply inspire you to make a change?
If so, you may wonder if you can make a fresh start without having to start over.

The good news is you can. Here’s how:

Career development is a holistic process that takes into account all aspects of your life not just your career. It is about understanding your unique strengths and talents and choosing a career that suits your personality and values and provides you with a sense of purpose. Choosing or changing a career requires a certain amount of reflection on past experiences as well as the present situation and through this, you will be enabled to create a new vision and set goals for the future.

We recognise that it can be difficult to decide what changes need to be made to move into a new career. Once you have made a decision it can be daunting to decide what training is required, and which training course is best suited to your needs. This is where the help of a skilled career development specialist can guide you and provide you with peace of mind.  PG&S is highly experienced in providing first-class career development services and support during your career change.

At Positive Goals & Solutions, we believe in a holistic approach to career development. We can help you understand where you are in your career change process and how you can make the necessary changes to have a purposeful life. We will work with you to create realistic solutions based on your values, personal vision  and goals for the next stage of your life
PG&S is committed to helping you make a fresh start.  Contact PG&S today to make an appointment to start your career journey.