Position yourself to put your best foot forward.Job Energizer Program

Are you:

  • Looking for a new job or career?
  • Needing to prepare a resume?
  • Needing to write a cover letter?
  • Wanting to perform well in an interview?
  • Unsure how to go about it?

If this sounds like you, then look no further. The team at Positive Goals and Solutions take the fear and frustration out of your job search, taking the time to understand your needs and tailor and individual solution. Our caring career coaches will work with you to help construct a career path that’s right for you. Take advantage of our Job Energizer Program today.

What does the Job Energizer Program cover?

In 6 weeks, we’ll take you from having no idea where to start to certainty about what is required and how you will do it along with a clear action plan to achieve it.

The Job Energizer Program uses a holistic approach to help you find a new job. With the support of an experienced career coach and the simple use of tools and exercises this program provides you with a structured way to get:

Ready. We will explore where you are now and what is possible. Clarify your dreams, strengths, skills, passions, priorities and values.

Set. We will make the link between who you are and what you want to do, define your target market, help you prepare your resume and cover letter, and refine those interview skills.

Go. We will help you define your target market and create an action plan to achieve your career goal.

What is different about this program?

The aim of this program is to:

  • help you find a job which is satisfying and connects with your values, passions, strengths, talents and skills.
  • increase your knowledge about yourself and ensure that you enter the job market with confidence.
  • provide you with up-to-date job search skills and information on the many resources available, and
  • provide you with a step by step action plan to follow so that you can remain energized until you reach your goal.

How do I sign up?

The program will be run over six sessions with a minimum of six and a maximum of ten people. There will be a combination of group work and one-on-one attention in an informal setting. There’s no need to battle away on your own and worry about whether you’re doing the right thing. Enjoy the support of an experienced career coach, and get the results you’re after, fast!

Book your Job Energizer Program now.