Thinking about making a Career or Lifestyle Change? Career & Lifestyle Energizer Program

Looking for more balance in your life?

Are you:

  • At a crossroads, wondering what’s next?
  • Feeling stuck and lacking in direction?
  • In a job that is no longer fulfilling but not sure what you’d like to do?
  • Frustrated and tired of juggling your life and work?
  • Clear about what you’d love to do but don’t know how to make the change? 

If this sounds like you, then look no further. The team at Positive Goals & Solutions take the fear and frustration out of choosing your career or lifestyle transition, taking the time to understand your needs and tailoring an individual solution. Our caring career coaches will work with you to help construct a career path that’s right for you. Take advantage of our Career and Lifestyle Energizer Program today.

 What does the Career and Lifestyle Energizer Program cover?

In 12 sessions we’ll take you from having no idea where to start to certainty about what is perfect for you and a clear action plan to achieve it. The Career and Lifestyle Energizer Program uses a holistic approach to help you find your new life direction. With the support of an experienced professional coach and the simple use of tools and exercises along with time to think, this program provides you with a structured way to:

  • Explore who you really are and clarify your dreams, strengths, skills, passions, priorities and values.
  • Imagine all of the career and lifestyle possibilities available to you based on what you must have to be satisfied and motivated in your life and work.
  • Focus on your vision for an exciting career and lifestyle which is right for you.
  • Create an action plan which takes you step by step from where you are now to where you want to be.

What is different about this program?

Many career programs focus on changing the work you do or matching your skills to a job that is more fulfilling. However, your life is much more and the Career and Lifestyle Energizer Program focuses on helping you find a career you love that connects with your values, passions, strengths, talents and skills and provides the lifestyle you want. It also allows you to explore your ideal working environment where work is fun, fulfilling and rewarding. Finally, it provides you with a step by step action plan to follow so that you can remain energized until you reach your goal.

How can PG&S help?

No matter how unsure you are about choosing your career or life path, our team can assist you. You will receive help with career choice and planning, resume preparation or updating, and job search and interview techniques as well as support in making the changes you have chosen for your life. Our qualified practitioners care about your individual needs and offer you practical understanding and assistance in your personalized Career and Lifestyle Energizer Program.

Book your Career and Lifestyle Energizer program now.