Owning Your SuccessEver notice that some people always have an excuse for their failures? The economy is bad, the weather isn’t cooperating, or there isn’t enough time. Whatever the challenge and however things turn out, they always have an excuse. The problem with this kind of thinking is that if you never own your failures, you can never truly own your successes.

Understanding our failures is important.  It’s how we grow. Having an excuse for our failures only keeps us stuck.

In the same vein, acknowledging and affirming your successes helps you to succeed even more.

Think about a time when you were successful – at the “top of your game.” Perhaps you won a buckle at the county rodeo or topped the charts in the fifth-grade spelling bee. You might have run a 5K race in your personal best time, or helped a senior citizen apply for assistance. What made you successful?  What skills and talents did you use?   How can you apply those same principles or use those same talents in other areas of your life?

Our actions, beliefs and behaviours are the keys to success and to failure. Some people stare at the high jump bar and think “That’s too high for me.” Others stare at the same bar and think, “I wonder if I could jump higher?”

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