Positive Goals & Solutions (PGS) was founded by Rosie Coppin PhD in 2007. Since our foundation, we have helped hundreds of people understand their fears and face change positively.
Our mission is to help and support you to achieve your goals and dreams by allowing you to unlock your potential and test your limits.
We do this by really listening to your needs and using professional knowledge and passion for going the extra mile to help achieve real and lasting results.
PG&S was founded on the principle of doing things better by helping people to understand themselves and create opportunities to achieve their personal goals.

Our services

Career Development Service

Career Coaching

Are you an employee, business owner or manager who has suddenly found it necessary to reinvent your career due to the economy, a lay off or going out of business?

PG&S offers flexible career coaching packages to help you make a fresh start.

woman in maze

Personal Counselling

Are you feeling mentally stressed or anxious about your current situation? Do you lack self confidence and are unsure how to move forward? Are you having issues with your relationship? Or dealing with grief and loss?

PG&S provides counselling with compassion and understanding.

Workplace Coaching

Employee Assistance Counselling

Are your employees stressed and anxious or have they experienced a traumatic event in the workplace? Do you need to provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for your employees?

PG&S is committed to providing high quality counselling and support for your employees.


Confident You!

This e-book will help you see that you have a deep well of confidence already inside of you, and you’ll discover how to access it at any time, in any situation.

Say It! Hear It!

This e-book will provide you with a clear understanding of what you can do to become a champion communicator!

Ensuring Life Harmony

This e-book will give you many powerful insights into preventing conflicts from occurring, understanding them when they do, and successfully resolving them.

Visioning and Goal Setting

This e-book will help you get back on track toward your goals, and turn them into reality. Just imagine the fulfilment and satisfaction you’ll experience!


Coping with Change

The world seems to be changing at an extraordinary pace. We get used to the way things are, and then they shift. That change can be unsettling; even positive change can be confusing. As soon Read more…

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